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Free from gluten, allergens, palm oil… but tasty!

Our products are conceived for people with Celiac Disease and intolerance to gluten and the main food allergens which won’t give up on healthy, tasty food.




The sake of being informed



good flours

Gluten-free flours, ideal for the diets of people with Celiac Disease, exist in nature. Indeed, some of them are used in our recipes, such as rice flour for Canestrelli and chufa flour for Ciufy Strawberry Muffins.


unexpected glutenous types of food

Sometimes gluten can be found where you least expect it to be, in a few types of apparently gluten-free food which can actually harm or even be dangerous for people with Celiac Disease and gluten intolerance. The following infographics lists the 8 unexpected glutenous types of food (source: deliciousliving).


naturally gluten-free cereals 

There are plenty of naturally gluten-free Cereals or Pseudocereals (plants with fruits from which flours can be extracted) and they can easily be found and cooked. They include the popular rice and corn but also the little-known sorghum and teff, which are as rich in nutrients.